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Bike Frame Armor

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Modular Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frame Armor

Protect your investment 

    What is it?   

Modular carbon fiber bike frame protection. Super light. Super tough. Designed to fit almost any modern bike frame. Real carbon fiber plates backed by eva foam. Mounted to frame with heavy duty mounting tape. Protect your frame from flying rocks kicked up by your front wheel. 




Back in 2017 I was JRA (just riding along) down one of my local trails in Bozeman, Montana. I wasn't riding very fast. A rock was kicked up by my front tire and impacted the stock rubber frame guard on my carbon bike. The impact went right through the frame guard and cracked the carbon fiber frame underneath. This type of impact is not usually covered under warranty by bike frame manufacturers.


Working as a professional bike mechanic for many years, I have seen several other people's high-end carbon frames destroyed this way. Flying rocks can go right through the stock rubber or plastic armor.


I wanted to create something more robust than the armor that typically comes on mountain bikes. I wanted something that was lightweight, universal, fitting any bike frame, and not model-specific. This is what I came up with. I ran my prototype on my bike for an entire season and it worked great, fending off several hard "clacks!" from flying rocks. It held up fine when exposed to rain, mud, snow, and lots of bike washing.  


I'm a title

My damaged frame


What you get: 10 strips of interlocking armor and one leading hexagon. Simply peel backing tape and mount in minutes.  

Backside of armor with double sided tape.
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